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GSM power transformer integrated alarm
BZB-6 series GSM power transformer integrated alarm main power transformer for the burglar alarm and alarm monitoring operating parameters. When the power transformer by the theft occurred or when the allowed level during the operation parameters, alarm information through the GSM mobile communications network platform to send messages to the relevant control centre staff and Electric Power Bureau of computer terminals, promptly notify the relevant personnel check to avoid further incidents Expansion of causing unnecessary economic losses.
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Transverse-flow type ventilators for dry-type transformers
Dry Type Transformers cross-flow cooling fan mainly for dry-type transformer cooling capacity enlargement, electronic equipment, power distribution equipment and high-low voltage switch cabinet force air cooling. With this fan, it will enlarge capacity 40~50%.

The product designed strictly in accordance with JB/T8971-1999 "dry-type transformer with cross-flow cooling fan". Motor stator and rotor core using quality steel; Low noise bearings; Impeller electrophoresis using aluminum alloy surface treatment, and through the refinement of Balancing adjustments; Around end-plate using stainless steel plate metal forming,

progressive Wind boards, panels and wind up wind deflector using aluminum alloy composition profile fixating bandage.
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Electronic thermo-controllers series

BWDK-5000 thermo-controllers for dry-type transformer series, idesigned and manufactured by standards of < electronic thermo-controller for transformer> JB/T7631-2005, is a new generation of Intelligent Instrumentation for ensuing the safe operation of dry-type transformers.

Controller use three (or four)ф3 the Pt100 platinum resistance as temperature sensor, embedded platinum resistance within the low-voltage winding by the transformer factory. It results in platinum resistance synchronous changes when transformer winding temperature increase, the thermo-controllers will show the three-phase winding temperature (room temperature or cores) on same screen for different platinum-resistance after dealed with by computer itself, meanwhile completed various alarm, control and signal output.

Controller send temperature data and parameters to the remote computer to form Distributed Control System through the analog output or RS232C. RS485 communications, the thermo-control device with communications function match control software of the Windows version for the convenience of user.
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