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Transverse-flow type ventilators for dry-type transformers
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what's news
Transverse-flow type ventilators for dry-type transformers
Product General

Transverse-flow type ventilators for dry-type transformers

Dry Type Transformers cross-flow cooling fan mainly for dry-type transformer cooling capacity enlargement, electronic equipment, power distribution equipment and high-low voltage switch cabinet force air cooling. With this fan, it will enlarge capacity 40~50%.

The product designed strictly in accordance with JB/T8971-1999 "dry-type transformer with cross-flow cooling fan". Motor stator and rotor core using quality steel; Low noise bearings; Impeller electrophoresis using aluminum alloy surface treatment, and through the refinement of Balancing adjustments; Around end-plate using stainless steel plate metal forming.

progressive Wind boards, panels and wind up wind deflector using aluminum alloy composition profile fixating bandage.
Model Note
For example: Model GFDD470-120A, Said single-phase voltage 220V,fan length 470mm, Impeller diameter 120mm.
Technical parameters
Note: Others is available accordingly.
The installation steps
  • It is installed under the dry-type transformers next to pieces andunder the cooling fan out of the wind angle (the angle between the level of about 135 °) and the location of storm out.
  • The cooling fan usually installed under the feet end-support.
  • Installed its air inlets (referring to the lateral aspect), and closed the barrier to maintain a certain distance (generally less than 10cm).
 Size and installation

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