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GSM power transformer integrated alarm
Transverse-flow type ventilators for dry-type transformers
Electronic thermo-controllers
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ROKO Electric Company General
Yueqing ROKO Electric Co., Ltd. focus on power transformer protection products R & D and manufacturing products including GSM power transformer anti-theft alarm system, GSM power transformer integrated alarm, intelligent electronic temperature control device, cross-flow cooling fan, such as transformer safe operation of essential The protection products.

Companies to scientific and technological progress and independent innovation as the basis, in "to update products, better services and win customers with the largest" for the purpose, and constantly develop our own intellectual property rights of new products, continuously improve its product and service quality, Excellence, truth-seeking innovation, to build power transformer protection experts.

We sincerely welcome your presence guidance, to discuss cooperation, ROKO-people will, as always, in good faith, high-quality work for you.
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